José L Belmonte-Vázquez

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A series of tetraphenylethene-containing BODIPYs with emissions from visible to near-IR and large Stokes shifts up to 142 nm have been designed and synthesized. They show solvatochromic fluorescence and can be utilized as fluorescent visualizers for intracellular imaging.
A modified Stöber method is used to synthesize spherical core-shell silica nanoparticles (NPs) with an external surface functionalized by amino groups and with an average size around 50 nm. Fluorescent dyes and photosensitizers of singlet oxygen were fixed, either separately or conjointly, respectively in the core or in the shell. Rhodamines were(More)
Several new examples of meso-(het)arylBODIPY were prepared via the Liebeskind-Srogl (L-S) cross-coupling reaction of the Biellmann BODIPYs (1a,b) and aryl- and heteroarylboronic acids in good to excellent yield. It was shown that this reaction could be carried out under microwave heating to shorten reaction times and/or increase the yield. It was(More)
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