José López-Bonilla

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We give an elementary exposition of the Lanczos technique to solve the matrix eigenvalue problem. This Lanczos procedure is one of the most frequently used numerical methods in matrix computations, and it is one of the 10 algorithms that exerted the greatest influence in the development and practice of science and engineering in the 20th century. Resumen(More)
Genetic algorithms have been successfully applied to a wide variety of engineering problems. This work proposes a Genetic Algorithm to solve a constrained economic dispatch problem, and includes the possibility of using non-convex, discontinous objective functions. Unlike mathematical programming techniques.This proposal is robust, simple to implement and(More)
One of the main routines in Electric Power System operations and control is the Power System State Estimator, this routine provides a set of complex bus voltages all over the system. This estimation helps power system operators to asses the steady state in the system. Reliable results are very important for the secure operation of the system, because other(More)