José Jesús Reyes Nuñez

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Climatic oscillations, heterogeneity in elevation, topographical position, and isolation time in southwestern Patagonia have been important in promoting diversification of the biota. Geological studies have shown that this region had wide ice-free areas during periods of the last glacial maximum and provided forested refugia for the biota during Pleistocene(More)
Rising incomes, the spread of personal insurance, lifestyle factors adding to the burden of illness, ageing populations, globalization and skills transfer within the medical community have increased worldwide demand for organ transplantation. The Global Observatory on Donation and Transplantation, which was built in response to World Health Assembly(More)
In 2008 and 2009 a Hungarian-Argentine project was developed under " The possible uses of the Chernoff faces for data visualisation in school cartography ". This research was divided into two parts. First the international experiences using the statistical method known as Chernoff faces in thematic cartography were studied by analyzing the results of(More)
ATTX961014-1R/Y is a high yielding, red- skin, yellow- flesh cultivar which was released by Texas A&M AgriLife Research in 2012. It resulted from a cross of A90601-2RDY(♀) by Mazama(♂). ATTX961014-1R/Y is susceptible to late blight (Phytophthora infestans), potato leaf roll virus (PLRV), and potato virus Y (PVY). It is moderately susceptible to common scab(More)
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