José Jaime Diéguez

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The Caliope project funded by the Spanish Ministry of the Environment establishes an air quality forecasting system for Spain to increase the knowledge on transport and dynamics of pollutants in Spain, to assure the accomplishment of legislation and to inform the population about the levels of pollutants, topics in which the European Commission has shown a(More)
The importance of meteorological scales to forecast air pollution scenarios on a complex-terrain coastal site of the Iberian Peninsula J. L. Palau, G. Pérez-Landa, J. J. Diéguez, C. Monter, and M. M. Millán Fundación Centro de Estudios Ambientales del Mediterráneo (CEAM), València, Spain Received: 25 May 2005 – Accepted: 1 June 2005 – Published: 12 July(More)
Current ozone (O3) levels are high enough to negatively affect vegetation and may become worse in the future. Ozone risk assessments have recently shifted from exposure-based to flux-based metrics. Modeling stomatal O3 fluxes requires hourly O3 and meteorological data, which are not always available. Large datasets of O3 concentrations measured with passive(More)
The 2000-2015 occurrences of the highest ozone (O3) pollution episodes in Spain were evaluated to investigate their origin. To this end, data series available for urban and regional background (UB and RB), traffic (TR) and industrial (IN) sites were analysed separately and intercompared. Results evidenced that during these 16years mean O3 levels in the RB(More)
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