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BACKGROUND Poisoned patients are often treated in and discharged from pre-hospital health care settings. Studies of poisonings should therefore not only include hospitalized patients. AIMS To describe the acutely poisoned patients treated by ambulance personnel and in an outpatient clinic; compare patients transferred to a higher treatment level with(More)
Merge conflicts, which are rather common throughout the process of software development, are more frequent and complex to resolve when using the distributed software development approach, where developers are geographically dispersed. Normally, in the case of workspace merge, the last developer to merge code is responsible of conciliating the changes made(More)
During the software development process, artifacts are constructed and manipulated by many developers working in parallel. A common practice to manage parallel development is the use of branches in the version control system. Usually, at some point, the merge of these branches may be necessary. This process can combine two independent and eventually long(More)
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