José Ignacio Requeno

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Nowadays, the exponential availability of biological sequences and the complexity of the computational methods that use them as input motivate the research of new compact representations. To this end, we propose an alternative method for storing sets of sequences based on set decision diagrams instead of classical compression techniques. The set decision(More)
Real-time data-processing applications, such as those developed using Apache Storm, need to address highly demanding performance requirements. Engineers should assess these performance requirements while they configure their Storm designs to specific execution contexts, i.e., multi-user private or public cloud infrastructures. To this end, we propose a(More)
Modelling plays an important role in the development of software applications, in particular for the assessment of non functional requirements such as performance. The value of a model depends on the level of alignment with the reality. In this paper, we propose a systematic approach to get a performance model that is a <i>good</i> representation of the(More)
Model checking is a generic verification technique that allows the phylogeneticist to focus on models and specifications instead of on implementation issues. Phylogenetic trees are considered as transition systems over which we interrogate phylogenetic questions written as formulas of temporal logic. Nonetheless, standard logics become insufficient for(More)
Model checking has been recently introduced as an integrated framework for extracting information of the phylogenetic trees using temporal logics as a querying language, an extension of modal logics that imposes restrictions of a boolean formula along a path of events. The phylogenetic tree is considered a transition system modeling the evolution as a(More)