José Ignacio Landa García

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INTRODUCTION Because surgical treatment of gallstones is highly prevalent, this topic is particularly suitable for a national study aimed at determining the most important indicators and developing a clinical pathway. OBJECTIVES To analyze the results obtained during the hospital phase of the process. To define the key indicators of the process. To design(More)
INTRODUCTION The treatment of hydatid disease is largely surgical, with medical treatment being reserved as coadjuvant treatment. The scolicidal agents have been, and are being used mainly during surgical manipulation of the cysts, with the object of avoiding relapses and peritoneal dissemination. OBJECTIVE Evaluation of the scolicidal agents used in(More)
OBJECTIVE The effect of octreotide in acute experimental pancreatitis was examined. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN Acute pancreatitis was induced in 70 male Wistar rats by retrograde injection of 5% sodium taurocholate into the pancreatic duct. Octreotide (50 micrograms = 0.5 ml) or isotonic saline was administered subcutaneously every six hours for 24 hours,(More)
Results concerning morphological and biochemical changes following intravenous administration of different doses of acetaminophen in dogs are reported. Acetaminophen infusion, as a parenteral solution (500 mg per kg per 90 min), produced fulminant hepatitis characterized by a good correlation between Portmann's grade of lesion and percentage of necrosis.(More)
A case of a hepatic echinococcal cyst of the right lobe (diam. 16 cm.) involving the anterior wall of the retrohepatic inferior vena cava is reported. During surgery, the vein was occasionally damaged and suture of the lesion was not possible. Therefore resection of the retrohepatic vena cava was performed and the segmental continuity was replaced with a(More)
INTRODUCTION The aim of the study is to try and find out the state of surgical training in Spain and to determine whether it meets the objectives of the Program. MATERIAL AND METHODS The results of two surveys carried out on Residents and General Surgery Tutors by the Spanish Surgeons Association, based on the conclusions of the XXVII Congreso Nacional de(More)
Acute haemorrhagic pancreatitis was induced in rats by injecting 5% sodium taurocholate into the common biliopancreatic duct. The condition was associated with an increase in the serum amylase levels as well as progressive pancreatic necrosis resulting in 100% mortality before 36 hours. This experimental model was documented by quantifying nine different(More)
The initial results of biliary reconstruction in 72 liver transplants realized in 62 patients, 50 adults and 12 children, are presented. Three reconstruction techniques were used: end-to-end choledocho-choledochostomy on a Kehr tube in 44 transplants (61.1%); choledocho-jejunostomy on a Roux-en-Y loop in 24 transplants (33.3%); double derivation(More)