José Ignacio Artigas

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This paper presents a VLSI Architecture to implement the forward and inverse 2-D Discrete Wavelet Transform (FDWT/IDWT), to compress medical images for storage and retrieval. Lossless compression is usually required in the medical image field. The word length required for lossless compression makes too expensive the area cost of the architectures that(More)
Many techniques have been developed to perform indoor location. Each strategy has its own advantages and drawbacks, with the application demanding location information the main determinant of the system to be used. In this paper, a system is presented that serves location to innovative services for elderly and disabled people, ranging from alarm and(More)
Collaboration among different stakeholders is a key factor in the design of Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) environments and services. Throughout several AAL projects we have found repeated difficulties in this collaboration and have learned lessons by the experience of solving real situations. This paper highlights identified critical items for collaboration(More)