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This paper describes the design and construction of a Haskell source-level debugger built into the GHCi interactive environment. We have taken a pragmatic approach: the debugger is based on the traditional stop-examine-continue model of online debugging, which is simple and intuitive, but has traditionally been shunned in the context of Haskell because it(More)
BACKGROUND Acetate metabolism in Escherichia coli plays an important role in the control of the central metabolism and in bioprocess performance. The main problems related to the use of E. coli as cellular factory are i) the deficient utilization of carbon source due to the excretion of acetate during aerobic growth, ii) the inhibition of cellular growth(More)
Context-sensitive rewriting (CSR) is a restriction of rewriting which forbids reductions on selected arguments of functions. Proving termination of CSR is an interesting problem with several applications in the fields of term rewriting and programming languages. Several methods have been developed for proving termination of CSR. The new version of MU-TERM(More)
This paper describes several classes of term rewriting systems (TRS's) where narrowing has a finite search space and is still (strongly) complete as a mechanism for solving reachability goals. These classes do not assume confluence of the TRS. We also ascertain purely syntactic criteria that suffice to ensure the termination of narrowing and include several(More)
Impairment of acetate production in Escherichia coli is crucial for the performance of many biotechnological processes. Aerobic production of acetate (or acetate overflow) results from changes in the expression of central metabolism genes. Acetyl−CoA synthetase scavenges extracellular acetate in glucose-limited cultures. Once converted to acetyl−CoA, it can(More)
This work is motivated by the fact that a " compact " semantics for term rewriting systems, which is essential for the development of effective semantics-based program manipulation tools (e.g. automatic program analyzers and debuggers), does not exist. The big-step rewriting semantics that is most commonly considered in functional programming is the set of(More)
In this work, we first consider a goal-oriented extension of the dependency pair framework for proving termination w.r.t. a given set of initial terms. Then, we introduce a new result for proving relative termination in terms of a dependency pair problem. Both contributions put together allow us to define a simple and powerful approach to analyzing the(More)
Downstream applications in metabolomics, as well as mathematical modelling, require data in a quantitative format, which may also necessitate the automated and simultaneous quantification of numerous metabolites. Although numerous applications have been previously developed for metabolomics data handling, automated calibration and calculation of the(More)