José I. Rodriguez

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We present the case of a floppy neonate with marked and generalized weakness, respiratory insufficiency and fetal akinesia deformation sequence. The infant showed multiple joint contractures, two bone fractures and needed mechanical ventilation from birth to death at 16 days of age. Electrophysiological assessment showed electrically unexcitable motor and(More)
The ultra-compact imaging spectrometer is a miniature imaging spectrometer that has been designed for compatibility with operation in a Martian environment. The spectrometer can be mated to a variety of front optics, both telescopic and microscopic. With a miniature telescope , it can serve as a rover mast instrument that surveys the surrounding area from a(More)
In the field of numerical algebraic geometry, positive-dimensional solution sets of systems of polynomial equations are described by witness sets. In this paper, we define multiprojective witness sets which will encode the multidegree information of an irreducible multiprojective variety. Furthermore , we generalize the regeneration solving procedure, a(More)
We report on a newborn infant with characteristics of Laurin-Sandrow syndrome (LSS). She had hypertelorism, flat nose with grooved collumella, "V" shaped mouth with thin lips, 7 well-recognized and fused digits and 1 additional postaxial bilateral appendix on each hand. The right and left feet had 12 and 11 toes, respectively, the 4 external ones were(More)
Fullana et al. [Am J Med Genet (suppl. 2): 23-29, 1986] reported on 2 sibs with an autosomal recessive syndrome of caudal deficiency and polyasplenia anomalies. We report on a similar patient in which agenesis of the corpus callosum (ACC) was also found. Such an association has not been reported previously. This finding of ACC is to be interpreted as(More)
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