José Herráez

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Infrared thermography has proved to be an adequate technique for building inspection, as it can be used to determine energy efficiency through the measurement of heat losses, air leaks and infiltrations, and also to detect humidity areas. These parameters have great influence in energy consumption of buildings and in their users' well-being, which is(More)
Image processing in photogrammetry is commonly used for scene reconstruction. Although two-dimensional applications can be solved using isolated images, reconstruction of three-dimensional scenes usually requires the use of multiple images simultaneously. Epipolar image rectification is a common technique for this purpose. It typically requires internal(More)
Image epipolarization in photogrammetry is a common technique used to determine relative orientation based on collinearity and coplanarity, which usually requires scenes with multiple images. In general, these processes require internal orientation parameters, therefore the knowledge of camera calibration and relative orientation parameters between images.(More)
This work develops a methodology to visualise and explore real objects and their associated cartography. We have selected low-cost computers with Windows 98 to make three-dimensional scanning easy and useful for everyone. The program requires the previous transformation of photo-pairs with stereo coverage. Stereo vision is difficult, or impossible without(More)
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