José Hernández Santiago

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This study examined the validity of the view that the constructs of individualism and collectivism are coherent cultural manifestations necessarily reflected in an individual's attribution patterns. It was hypothesized that the attribution patterns of locus of control and moral accountability would show divergent individualistic and collectivistic(More)
In pattern recognition and data mining a data set is named skewed or imbalanced if it contains a large number of objects of certain type and a very small number of objects of the opposite type. The imbalance in data sets represents a challenging problem for most classification methods, this is because the generalization power achieved for classic(More)
Real world data sets are regularly unbalanced, which is a crucial problem in Machine Learning, it causes a low accuracy in most classification techniques. SVM have reported excellent generalization capability in recent years; however, working with unbalanced data sets have poor performance due to the retrieved hyperplane is biased towards the majority(More)
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