José Guilherme Marques Galvão

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Ouabain, a potent inhibitor of the Na(+), K(+)-ATPase, was identified as an endogenous substance. Recently, ouabain was shown to affect various immunological processes. We have previously demonstrated the ability of ouabain to modulate inflammation, but little is known about the mechanisms involved. Thus, the aim of the present work is to evaluate the(More)
Ouabain, an Na+/K+-ATPase inhibitor hormone, presents immunomodulatory actions, including anti-inflammatory effect on acute inflammation models. In the present study, the effect of ouabain in a model of allergic airway inflammation induced by ovalbumin (OVA) was assessed. Initially, it was observed that ouabain treatment inhibited cellular migration induced(More)
Since the discovery of ouabain as a cardiotonic steroid hormone present in higher mammals, research about it has progressed rapidly and several of its physiological and pharmacological effects have been described. Ouabain can behave as a stress hormone and adrenal cortex is its main source. Direct effects of ouabain are originated due to the binding to its(More)
The intimate interplay between immune system, metabolism, and gut microbiota plays an important role in controlling metabolic homeostasis and possible obesity development. Obesity involves impairment of immune response affecting both innate and adaptive immunity. The main factors involved in the relationship of obesity with inflammation have not been(More)
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