José Gomensoro

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Ulcerated A theromatous Plaques of the Carotid A rtery Bifurcation • The clinical diagnosis of an ulcerated plaque at the bifurcation of the common carotid artery is based on: mid-carotid bruit, cholesterol or platelet emboli in the retina, transient ischemic attacks particularly with amaurosis fugax, and a reversible neurological deficit. In this series,(More)
An epidemiology analysis is carried out in a hospital population of 500 epileptic patients older than 14 years of age, pertaining to the outpatient department of the Instituto de Neurología, Hospital de Clínicas, Monevideo". This information gathered, corresponds to the period, 1966-1975. Specially formulated records of precoded-type data were used for this(More)