José Ginés Hernández Cifre

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We propose a multiscale protocol for the simulation of conformation and dynamics of dendrimer molecules in dilute solution. Conformational properties (radius of gyration, mass distribution, and scattering intensities) and overall hydrodynamic properties (translational diffusion and intrinsic viscosity) are predicted by means of a very simple coarse-grained(More)
This review elucidates several aspects on the behavior of charged polysaccharides and mucin. Viscosification of dilute aqueous solutions of hyaluronan (HA) occurs in the course of time at low shear flow, whereas shear thinning as time evolves is found at moderate shear rates. Hydrogen bonds and electrostatic interaction play an important role for the(More)
BACKGROUND The possibility of validating biological macromolecules with locally disordered domains like RNA against solution properties is helpful to understand their function. In this work, we present a computational scheme for predicting global properties and mimicking the internal dynamics of RNA molecules in solution. A simple coarse-grained model with(More)
A computer programs suite, SIMUFLEX, has been constructed for the calculation of solution properties of flexible macromolecules modeled as bead-and-connector models of arbitrary topology. The suite consists mainly of two independent programs, BROWFLEX that generates the macromolecular trajectory by using the Brownian dynamics technique and ANAFLEX that(More)
A bead-and-spring model has been used to simulate the behavior of thermoresponsive asymmetric diblock amphiphilic copolymers with aid of Monte Carlo simulations. The alteration of the thermodynamic conditions was mimicked by using a Lennard-Jones potential, which was related to the measured temperatures by comparison with experimental data for aqueous(More)
The formation of associative networks in semidilute aqueous solutions of hydrophobically modified hydroxyethylcellulose (HM-HEC) is dependent on intermolecular hydrophobic interactions. Addition of hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextrin (HP-beta-CD) monomers to the system provides decoupling of these associations via inclusion complex formation with the polymer(More)
The calculation of the translational diffusion coefficient of a single flexible polymer chain in dilute solution can be basically addressed either a) within the Einstein theory (calculating the time autocorrelation function of the macromolecule center of mass), or b) within the Kirkwood and Riseman theory for irreversible processes of macromolecules in(More)
The calculation of solution properties of flexible macromolecules and other nanoparticles requires, in addition to the hydrodynamic formalisms needed for the sedimentation coefficient and other transport properties, the consideration of the conformational statistics and internal dynamics. The latter aspects can be handled with simulation methods like Monte(More)
A computer program, MULTIHYDRO, has been constructed for the calculation of hydrodynamic coefficients and other solution properties of multiple possible conformations of a bead model. With minimal additional programming to describe the model under study, this program interfaces efficiently with HYDRO for the calculation of solution properties, including(More)
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