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ABSTRACT Isolates of the late blight pathogen Phytophthora infestans (n = 327) from the central to southern Peruvian Andes were systematically collected in 1997 to 1999 and analyzed to determine the pathogen's population structure at its host's center of diversity. No isolates of the A2 mating type were detected. Cluster analysis of DNA fingerprinting data(More)
Barrios (2007) conducted an experimental work in which was demonstrated that the two-phase stage performance of an electrical submersible pump (ESP) is related to the impeller gas and liquid flow pattern as mentioned by Murakami and Minemura (1974a) for a volute-type centrifugal pump. Barrios (2007) proved that the stage head breakdown is a consequence of(More)
Scapular displacement due to bilateral rupture of the serratus ventralis muscles ("flying scapula") occurred in four heifers from a large beef herd. Two of the four affected animals were necropsied. Additional animals on the farm developed intermittent lameness when enclosed on certain pastures. The lameness and scapular displacement were attributed to(More)
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