José G. Vargas-Hernández

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Shrinking mining cities — once prosperous settlements servicing a mining site or a system of mining sites — are characterized by long-term population and/or economic decline. Many of these towns experience periods of growth and shrinkage, mirroring the ebbs and flows of international mineral markets which determine the fortunes of the dominant mining(More)
There have been an increasing number of international collaboration agreements among universities, college, etc., to promote educative exchange programs, internationalization of teaching, research, and curricula, among other things. This paper has the aim to analyze and to reflect on the experiential exercise from the point of views of instructor and(More)
This paper review and examine how strategic management researchers apply research methods, and what strategies use as part of the research process, to locate, organize, manage, transform, create, communicate and evaluate research tools, data and information resources. It also analyzes recent developments in research methodology to create scientific(More)
This paper presents a VLSI implementation of Systolic architecture for discrete wavelet transform (DWT).This architecture consist of Input delay unit, filter, register bank and control unit. This performs the calculation of high pass and low pass coefficients by using only one multiplier. This architecture have been simulated and implemented in VLSI. The(More)
The aim of this paper is to analyze the institutional economics of cooperation and the political economy of trust. It is reviewed the transactions costs, the principal-agent theory, market power, increasing-returns theory and value creation, strategic management, competitive forces, resource-based theory, organizational knowledge and learning, strategic(More)