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Patients with type 2 diabetes have reduced gene expression of heat shock protein (HSP) 72, which correlates with reduced insulin sensitivity. Heat therapy, which activates HSP72, improves clinical parameters in these patients. Activation of several inflammatory signaling proteins such as c-jun amino terminal kinase (JNK), inhibitor of kappaB kinase, and(More)
Heat shock protein (Hsp) 72 is a cytosolic stress protein that is highly inducible by several factors including exercise. Hsp60 is primarily mitochondrial in cellular location, plays a key role in the intracellular protein translocation and cytoprotection, is increased in skeletal muscle by exercise, and is found in the peripheral circulation of healthy(More)
Intramuscular triacylglycerols (IMTG) are proposed to be an important metabolic substrate for contracting muscle, although this remains controversial. To test the hypothesis that reduced plasma free fatty acid (FFA) availability would increase IMTG degradation during exercise, seven active men cycled for 180 min at 60% peak pulmonary O(2) uptake either(More)
Mutations in the LMNA gene, encoding the nuclear envelope protein lamin A/C, are responsible for a number of distinct disease entities including Dunnigan-type familial partial lipodystrophy. Dunningan-type lipodystrophy is characterized by loss of subcutaneous adipose tissue, insulin resistance, dyslipidemia, and type 2 diabetes and shares many of the(More)
Parallel/distributed application development is a very difficult task for non-expert programmers, and therefore support tools are needed for all phases of this kind of application development cycle. This means that developing applications using predefined programming structures (frameworks) should be easier than doing it from scratch. We propose to take(More)
Chronic elevations in interleukin (IL)-6 have been associated with insulin resistance, but acute IL-6 administration can enhance insulin sensitivity. Our aim was to exogenously administer IL-6 to rats to elicit either chronic or repeated acute elevations in systemic IL-6. We hypothesized that a continuous elevation of IL-6 would inhibit glucose tolerance(More)
1 Parallel/distributed programming is a complex task that requires a high degree of expertise to fulfill the expectations of high performance computation. The Master/Worker paradigm is one of the most commonly used because it is easy to understand and there is a wide range of applications that match this paradigm. However, there are certain features, such(More)
Coffin-Siris syndrome is a rare genetic disease characterized by coarse facial features, sparse scalp hair, hirsutism, hypoplasia of the distal phalanges, hypoplastic nail in the fifth digit, and mental retardation and delayed growth evident in both weight and height. Most cases are sporadic, but the possibility of recessive or dominant autosomal(More)
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