José Freitas

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Among all the transgenic mammalians produced so far, goats have represented an excellent model of transgenesis when considering the factors such as the market demand for protein, volume of milk produced per lactation and reproductive rate. Various recombinant proteins have been obtained from the transgenic and non-transgenic goats, and among these, human(More)
This paper presents a proposal of a UDP/IP network stack in FPGA, which is the stack of the widely used in VoIP and Video-conference applications. This network node implements the Network, Transport and Link Layer from a traditional stack. This architecture is integrated and developed using Xilinx ISE tool and synthesized to a Spartan-3E FPGA. We show(More)
Genetic variability in humans can explain many differences in disease risk factors. Polymorphism-related studies focus mainly on the single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) of coding regions of the genes. SNPs on DNA binding motifs of the promoter region have been less explored. On a recent study of SNPs in patients with non-Hodgkin lymphomas we faced the(More)
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