José Francisco Molina

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A B S T R A C T The Avila batholith of central Spain is composed of upper Carboniferous peraluminous granitoids that were preceded by volumetrically insignificant bodies of mafic-ultramafic hybrid magmas and postdated by several dike swarms of camptonitic lamprophyres. Rb-Sr dating indicates continuous magmatic activity from 350 Ma to 280 Ma, starting ∼ ∼(More)
Eclogite-facies vein systems in the Marun-Keu complex (Polar Urals, Russia): textural, chemical and thermal constraints for patterns of fluid flow in the lower crust Abstract Metasomatic amphibole-eclogite sequences grew in selvages of quartz veins from the Marun-Keu complex (Polar Urals, Russia) during high-pressure metamorphism. Relicts of a(More)
The Marun – Keu complex (Polar Urals, Russia) is a poorly known member of a group of high P complexes outcropping along the length of the Uralide orogen. The central and southern parts of the complex are metamorphosed at high P, medium T conditions (T max f 600 – 650 jC and P f 14 – 17 kbar) and differ from its northern part and the rest of the Uralian high(More)
Resumen La artritis reumatoide (AR) es una enfermedad inflamatoria crónica que afecta principalmente las articulaciones, pro
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