José Francisco Bernabeu

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Similarity computation is a difficult issue in music information retrieval, because it tries to emulate the special ability that humans show for pattern recognition in general, and particularly in the presence of noisy data. A number of works have addressed the problem of what is the best representation for symbolic music in this context. The tree(More)
In this paper, a multimodal and interactive prototype to perform music genre classification is presented. The system is oriented to multi-part files in symbolic format but it can be adapted using a transcription system to transform audio content in music scores. This prototype uses different sources of information to give a possible answer to the user. It(More)
The representation of symbolic music by means of trees has shown to be suitable in melodic similarity computation. In order to compare trees, different tree edit distances have been previously used, being their complexity a main drawback. In this paper, the application of stochastic k-testable tree-models for computing the similarity between two melodies as(More)
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