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In this paper we propose techniques for the calibration of the iCub's stereo head using vision and inertial measurements. Given that wear and tear can change the geometrical relationship between the different elements in the kinematic chain, new calibrations must be performed periodically. We propose methods that allow automatic calibration without the need(More)
We propose and prove sound a novel, purely dynamic, flow-sensitive monitor for securing information flow in an imperative language extended with DOM-like tree operations, that we call Core DOM. In Core DOM, as in the DOM API, tree nodes are treated as first-class values. We take advantage of this feature in order to implement an information flow control(More)
Specification of information flow policies is classically based on a security labeling and a lattice of security levels that establishes how information can flow between security levels. We present a type and effect system for determining the least permissive relaxation of a given confidentiality policy that allows to type a program, given a fixed security(More)
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