José Ferrer

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Twenty-two schizophrenic inpatients were treated for 3 weeks with three randomly fixed oral doses of haloperidol (10, 20, or 30 mg). Analysis of the results by a nonlinear regression model revealed a curvilinear relationship between haloperidol levels in plasma and clinical response, as assessed on the Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale (pseudo-R2 = 0.85, F =(More)
This study examines the cognitive impairment profile of schizophrenia patients during maintenance electroconvulsive therapy (M-ECT). Ten schizophrenia patients treated with M-ECT and ten control patients matched for diagnosis, sex, and age who had never been treated with ECT were assessed with a comprehensive neuropsychological battery. M-ECT patients did(More)
This paper presents a very useful software tool to design, simulate and optimise wastewater treatment plants. The program is called DESASS (DEsign and Simulation of Activated Sludge Systems) and has been developed by CALAGUA research group. The mathematical model implemented is the Biological Nutrient Removal Model No.1 (BNRM1) which allows simulating the(More)
Keywords: Calibration Fuzzy logic controller Identifiability Latin hypercube sampling Systematic fine-tuning Nitrogen and phosphorus removal a b s t r a c t A systematic approach for fine-tuning fuzzy controllers has been developed and evaluated for an aeration control system implemented in a WWTP. The challenge with the application of fuzzy controllers to(More)
BACKGROUND Objective data regarding adverse cognitive deficits associated with maintenance electroconvulsive therapy (M-ECT) are lacking. This study examined the cognitive state of depressive patients during M-ECT. METHOD A cross-sectional study was carried out in 11 depressive patients in remission, all with a DSM-IV diagnosis of major depressive(More)
In recent years, maintenance electroconvulsive therapy (M-ECT) has been a common treatment within psychiatric practice. Little information is available regarding the cognitive risks of this treatment, however. In this study, twenty psychiatric outpatients were assessed during M-ECT and 1 year later on treatment. A comprehensive cognitive battery was(More)