José Fernando Guedes-Corrêa

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Cysticercosis is an endemic condition in many developing countries. Although it is the most common parasitic disease of the central nervous system, cysticercal involvement of the spinal cord is rare. It may occur as intradural extramedullary, intramedullary, intramedullary associated with intradural-extramedullary or as the vertebral presentation. We report(More)
MD, Neurosurgeon, Divisão de Neurocirurgia, Hospital Santa Teresa, Petrópolis RJ, Brazil; MD, Neurosurgeon, Serviço de Neurocirurgia, Hospital Público Municipal de Macaé, Macaé RJ, Brazil; MD, Neurosurgery Resident, Serviço de Neurocirurgia, Hospital Municipal Souza Aguiar, Rio de Janeiro, RJ Brazil; MD, Pathologist, Hospital da Beneficência Portuguesa de(More)
Penetrating atlantoaxial spine (AAS) injuries due to gunshot wounds are uncommon.1–4Usually, this type of lesion is fatal. In rare cases the patient survives, probably due to particularities such as low velocity of the projectile, a peculiar trajectory of the bullet not affecting the spinal cord parenchyma directly and a unilateral vascular lesion.1,5 In(More)
Radiol Bras. 2016 Mai/Jun;49(3):199–204 201 Constrictive pericarditis is characterized by thick pericardial fibrosis and frequent calcification that progressively impairs diastolic filling of the heart, with associated symptoms of heart failure. Annular constrictive pericarditis is extremely rare, and few(More)
BACKGROUND Psychiatric patients are often kept immobilized during hospitalization to avoid self-inflicted injuries and danger to third parties. Inadequate positioning can lead to brachial plexus injuries (BPI). OBJECTIVE To present a series of 5 psychiatric patients with BPI after being left sedated and restrained for prolonged periods of time during(More)
As fístulas arteriovenosas (FAVs) e os pseudoaneurismas traumáticos extracranianos são malformações incomuns e, em sua maioria, estão associadas a traumatismo craniano fechado com lesão contusa de forte intensidade. O diagnóstico em geral é clínico, porém o exame de escolha para o diagnóstico definitivo é a angiografia. Nos casos em que a lesão é pequena, é(More)
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