José Fernando García Estrada

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Although genetic influences on schizophrenia are well established, localization of the genes responsible for this illness has proven extremely difficult. Given evidence that genes predisposing to schizophrenia may be transmitted without expression of the clinical phenotype, efforts have focused on developing endophenotypes. While several neuropsychological(More)
The olfactory epithelium is a sensory neuroepithelium that supports adult neurogenesis and tissue regeneration following injury, making it an excellent model for investigating neural stem cell regulation in vivo. Previous studies have identified the horizontal basal cell (HBC) as the neural stem cell of the postnatal olfactory epithelium. However, the(More)
OBJECTIVES The African American population has a higher prevalence of advanced colon adenomas when compared with non-Hispanic whites and Hispanics, but the risk in other black populations has not been evaluated. Although the Afro-Caribbean population is a significant demographic segment in some regions of the United States, the data are limited on the(More)
The purpose of this article is to review the main neuroanatomic structures and the neurotransmission process involved at memory. Memory is dynamic based on the reunion of aspects of neuronal activation, in a process based on the individual experiences. It will be described the importance of limbic regions and their interaction during processing,(More)
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