José Fernando Díez Higuera

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This paper presents a real-time vision-based system to detect the eye state. The system is implemented with a consumer-grade computer and an uncalibrated web camera with passive illumination. Previously established similarity measures between image regions, feature selection algorithms, and classifiers have been applied to achieve vision-based eye state(More)
A neural architecture for texture classification running on the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) under a stream processing model is presented in this paper. Textural features extraction is done in three different scales, it is based on the computations that take place on the mammalian primary visual pathway and incorporates both structural and color(More)
This paper introduces an intelligent transport system we called SigFlot, which is specially designed for fleet management, using dynamic information. Its main objective is to optimally manage the resources of a transport enterprise in order to achieve a safer and more efficient transport. The system consists of one set of modules which perform different(More)
In this paper we present a computer vision architecture to detect and track the face and hands of a human being in real time from a video sequence captured by a webcam. The architecture has a first preprocessing stage, including a color filtering module, a motion filtering module, a color-based segmentation, a processing channels merge module and, finally,(More)