José Fernández Gómez

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We compiled 46 broadscale data sets of species richness for a wide range of terrestrial plant, invertebrate, and ectothermic vertebrate groups in all parts of the world to test the ability of metabolic theory to account for observed diversity gradients. The theory makes two related predictions: (1) In-transformed richness is linearly associated with a(More)
The degree of completeness of the western Palaearctic inventory of the genus Aphthona and the factors that have determined the process of species description in the region were analysed. The historic species accumulation curve shows no asymptotic trend so no accurate estimations could be made of the number of species to be discovered in the future, but the(More)
Maculinea nausithousis the most endangered Iberian butterfly, being included in the Bern and Habitat directives and in the Spanish Red Book for invertebrates. We map its potential distribution in the Iberian Peninsula, identifying potentially suitable areas where to focus future surveys. Using presence/absence data and a set of environmental variables, the(More)
Pollen development is a critical step in plant development that is needed for successful breeding and seed formation. Manipulation of male fertility has proved a useful trait for hybrid breeding and increased crop yield. However, although there is a good understanding developing of the molecular mechanisms of anther and pollen anther development in model(More)
L. Mauricio Bini, J. Alexandre F. Diniz-Filho, Thiago F. L. V. B. Rangel, Thomas S. B. Akre, Rafael G. Albaladejo, Fabio S. Albuquerque, Abelardo Aparicio, Miguel B. Araújo, Andrés Baselga, Jan Beck, M. Isabel Bellocq, Katrin Böhning-Gaese, Paulo A. V. Borges, Isabel Castro-Parga, Vun Khen Chey, Steven L. Chown, Paulo de Marco, Jr, David S. Dobkin, Dolores(More)
Accurate floral staging is required to aid research into pollen and flower development, in particular male development. Pollen development is highly sensitive to stress and is critical for crop yields. Research into male development under environmental change is important to help target increased yields. This is hindered in monocots as the flower develops(More)
The processes leading to the birth of low-mass stars such as our Sun have been well studied, but the formation of high-mass (over eight times the Sun's mass, M(o)) stars remains poorly understood. Recent studies suggest that high-mass stars may form through accretion of material from a circumstellar disk, in essentially the same way as low-mass stars form,(More)
We report on spectral observations of the night sky in the band around 900 Å where the emission line in the Sciama model of radiatively decaying massive neutrinos would be present. The data were obtained with a high resolution, high sensitivity spectrometer flown on the Spanish MINISAT satellite. The observed emission is far less intense than that expected(More)
A prerequisite to study the molecular genetic pathways of pollen and anther development is an accurate staging system for reproductive development. However in barley, floret formation occurs mainly within the pseudostem, which makes the observation of floret development and access to the floret particularly difficult without dissecting the plant. Thus(More)
The hot interstellar medium (ISM) has far-reaching effect upon the structure of galaxies. Although ISM heating processes are fairly well understood, after decades of study, the processes that cool the hot interstellar medium remain obscure. The EURD spectrograph was designed to measure the diffuse cosmic background from 350 to 1100 Å in order to study the(More)