José Feli Rodríguez

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Action potential duration restitution (APDR) curves present spatial variations due to the electrophysiological heterogeneities present in the heart. Enhanced spatial APDR dispersion in ventricle has been suggested as an arrhythmic risk marker. In this study, we propose a method to noninvasively quantify dispersion of APDR slopes at tissue level by making(More)
Special thanks to Rosa Fusté of Broward College for her collaboration on this topic at previous national and regional conferences. Abstract Advisors typically provide academic guidance, but they can sometimes find themselves in a therapeutic session with students. This can be a difficult situation for advisors, especially if they have not received formal(More)
This session will focus on providing participants with an overview of student development and learning theories and how they pertain to the academic advising world. While there are numerous theories of college student development and of learning, we will focus on four that have direct and clear application for academic advisors: Astin's Theory of(More)
EXTENDED ABSTRACT This paper reports on the initial phase of a linked ARC research project supported by the University of Newcastle and the NSW Department of Natural Resources. The project aims to advance the understanding of interactions between flow, sediment, vegetation and channel morphology in natural open channels. The first objective of the project(More)
Our work is intended to recreate the origins of the 'future creator of psychoanalysis'. Cervantes had a decisive influence on Freud. Don Quixote occupied a central place during a period which we consider to be crucial in the creation of psychoanalysis; we refer to the summer of 1883 during which Freud confessed to Martha that he had become more interested(More)
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