José F Quílez del Moral

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Six new diterpenic acids isolated as their methyl ester derivatives, i.e., methyl 12-oxo-8alpha,15-dihydroxyabiet-13-en-19-oate, methyl 12-oxo-8alpha-hydroxyabiet-13-en-19-oate, methyl 15-hydroperoxy-8alpha,12alpha-epidioxiabiet-13-en-19-oate, methyl 15-hydroxy-8alpha,12alpha-epidioxiabiet-13-en-19-oate, methyl(More)
As a result of a combined theoretical and experimental study, we describe a two-step protocol for the preparation of an optically pure, multifunctional, cyclopentanic core shared by a number of natural products. This process is based on a hitherto unreported Ti(III)-mediated diastereoselective cyclization in which the hydroxy-directed template effect played(More)
Highly efficient preparations of anticancer β-elemene and other bioactive elemanes were carried out using the natural product germacrone as a renewable starting material. The syntheses were achieved in only 3-5 steps with excellent overall yields (43-54%). An enantioselective approach to these molecules is also described.
The first synthesis of (+)-myrrhanol C (1), an antitumor polypodane-type bicyclic triterpene with inhibitory activity against androgen insensitive prostate cancers, is reported herein (IC(50) 10 μmolar). A key step in our convergent synthesis of (+)-myrrhanol C and related analogues is the employment of a microbial stereo- and regioselective late stage C-H(More)
The biosynthetic origin of most of triterpenes lies in cascade cyclizations and rearrangements of the acyclic precursors squalene (S) and 2,3-oxidosqualene (OS), processes leading to tetra- and pentacyclic triterpene skeleta. Apart from these, a number of triterpenoid structures derived from cyclization processes, that are different from those leading to(More)
Ten new compounds, eight of them pimarane derivatives (1-8), together with a menthane dimer (9) and a totarane diterpenoid (10), were isolated from the leaves and wood of Tetraclinis articulata. The structures of 1-10 were established by using spectroscopic techniques, including 2D NMR spectra. Pimaranes 1-5 were found to possess an unusual cis interannular(More)
The first total synthesis of potent anti-inflammatory polypodanes (+)-myrrhanol A (1), (+)-myrrhanone A (2), (+)-myrrhanone B (3), and (+)-myrrhanol B (4) has been achieved. Key steps in our convergent, highly stereocontrolled route are a Ti(III)-mediated radical cyclization of a chiral monoepoxide to furnish a bicyclic synthon that combines(More)
Five new abietanes, three of them isolated as the corresponding acetate derivatives, i.e., 9alpha,13alpha-epidioxiabiet-8(14)-en-18-ol, 7alpha,18-diacetoxy, 9beta,13beta-epidioxiabiet-8(14)-ene, 7alpha,18-diacetoxyabiet-8(14)-en-13beta-ol, 7alpha,18-diacetoxy-13beta-methoxyabiet-8(14)-ene, and 13beta-hydroxyabiet-8(14)-en-7-one, were isolated from the(More)
A new route to podolactones functionalized in the A ring has been achieved. Two key steps were employed in this synthesis, the construction of the bicyclic skeleton via a Mn(III)-mediated radical cyclization and the transformation of this bicyclic intermediate into the tetracyclic podolactone skeleton through a Pd (II)-mediated bislactonization of the(More)
The first total synthesis of (-)-achilleol B was achieved using a convergent approach with a longest linear sequence of 14 steps. Three key steps were employed, including an enantioselective Robinson annelation for the construction of the bicyclic moiety. The monocyclic synthon was prepared through a Ti(III)-mediated cylization of a chiral monoepoxide(More)