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This paper proposes a stable control scheme for teleoperation of mobile robots with visual feedback in presence of time-varying delay. The proposed control scheme is based on using a model of the human operator to combine (on the remote site) the velocity command generated by the human operator in a delayed time instant, the received information (which(More)
The stability analysis of a two-degree-of freedom teleoperation system, considering the remote station as a non-linear system, is presented. The non-linearity arises in the remote robot's model. Force and position data are backfed from the local to the remote station. The time delay between both stations is fixed and known. A model of the human operator is(More)
In this paper a time delay compensation control structure for a robot teleoperation system is presented. The structure design was made considering 1.9-seconds time delay in the communication between the remote and local stations. The objective is to control both the remote manipulator's position and force. Force and position signals are fedback to the local(More)
In this paper, the development and implementation of a client software package for process control is presented. The proposed software is based on a client – server model under an Intranet architecture. The architecture is proposed for a telecontrol system of a real process, including the possibility of integrating I/O devices with data networks based on(More)