José Eurico Possebon Cyrino

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Lysine is a strictly essential amino acid, the reference for dose-response trials to determine dietary amino acids requirements of fish. This study compares estimation of amino acids requirements of largemouth bass, Micropterus salmoides, from data of lysine dose-response trials, analyzed through different statistical methods: Polynomial regression(More)
A 51-day feeding trial was carried out to determine the effects of various dietary levels of brewer's yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, in the growth performance, body composition and nutrient utilization in Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus, juveniles. Fish (7.6 ± 0.3 g) were stocked into eighteen 1,000-L tanks (100 fish per tank; n = 3) and fed to(More)
Enzyme activity was evaluated in the intestine of juvenile pacu, Piaractus mesopotamicus, fed diets containing 0, 10 or 20 % of lyophilized bovine colostrum (LBC) inclusion for either 30 or 60 days. The enzymes intestinal acid and alkaline phosphatase (ACP and ALP, respectively), nonspecific esterase (NSE), lipase (LIP), dipeptidyl aminopeptidase IV (DAP(More)
Besides being a dietary source of essential nutrients, colostrum contains important biologically active molecules. This study investigated enteric, muscle and hepatic tissue development of juvenile dourado Salminus brasiliensis fed with diets containing 0, 10 or 20 % of lyophilized bovine colostrum (LBC). Juveniles (13.3 ± 0.9 g; 10.8 ± 0.3 cm) were(More)
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