José Enrique Ruiz

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There were 9 submissions. Each submission was reviewed by at least 2, and on the average 2.7, program committee members. The committee decided to accept 8 papers. We would like to thank our peer reviewers for carefully reviewing the submissions and giving constructive feedback. This proceedings volume has been generated with EasyChair, which made this task(More)
Some of the shared digital artefacts of digital research are executable in the sense that they describe an automated process which generates results. One example is the computational scientific workflow which is used to conduct automated data analysis, predictions and validations. We describe preservation challenges of scientific workflows, and suggest a(More)
In this position paper we present a lightweight command-line tool RO Manager, which provides a straightforward way for scientists to assemble an aggregation of their experiment materials and methods which can then be published and shared with colleagues or linked to scientific publications, to enhance the reproducibility and trustworthiness of experiment(More)
The AMIGA project (Analysis of the interstellar Medium of Isolated GAlaxies) is an international collaboration led from the Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía (CSIC). The group's experience in radio astronomy databases turned, as a natural evolution, into an active participation in the development of data archives and radio astronomy software. The(More)
An efficient exploitation of Distributed Computing Infrastructures (DCIs) is needed to deal with the data deluge that the scientific community is facing, in particular the Astrophysics one due to the emerging Square Kilometre Array (SKA) telescope that will reach data rates in the exascale domain. Hence, Science Gateways are being enriched with advanced(More)
Preface This volume contains the full papers presented at SePublica 2013 (http://sepublica. There were 7 submissions. Each submission was reviewed by at least 2, and on the average 3.1, programme committee members. The committee decided to accept all of them. The programme also included an invited talk given by Peter Murray-Rust from the University of(More)
This document discusses the definition of the Parameter Description Language (PDL). In this language parameters are described in a rigorous data model. With no loss of generality, we will represent this data model using XML. It intends to be a expressive language for self-descriptive web services exposing the semantic nature of input and output parameters,(More)
Head and neck manifestations of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome are among the most common complications of this disease. The sinonasal and oral manifestations are more common that the otologic and range from malignancies to infectious processes caused by both opportunistic and nonopportunistic organisms. We report the case of a nasopharyngeal mass of(More)
The scientific goals of the AMIGA project are based on the analysis of a significant amount of spectroscopic 3D data. In order to perform this work we present an initiative to develop a new VO compliant package, including present core applications and tasks offered by the Gronin-gen Image Processing System (GIPSY), and new ones based on use cases elaborated(More)