José Emilio Santos Conde

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In this communication we present a low cost smart airbag solution based on a high speed active CMOS camera system. The system continuously monitors the seats and quickly determines the occupancy status, and a passenger’s position and size before the airbag is deployed. The camera uses an image sensor fabricated in a l p m standard CMOS technology and is(More)
In this communication we address the problem of detection and tracking of moving objects for surveillance or occupant detection systems. The primary goal in this framework is the motion estimation of the extracted foreground. To overcome the drawbacks characteristic of classical block matching techniques, this contribution presents a new feature based(More)
A new species of the genus Domene Fauvel, 1873-D. viriatoi n. sp.-is described from a granitic natural cavity in Serra da Estrela, Portugal. This subterranean species is diagnosed and compared with closely related species from the Iberian endemic subgenus Lathromene Koch, 1938. The external morphology and male genitalia are illustrated and information on(More)
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