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RDF is a graph based data model which is widely used for semantic web and linked data applications. In this paper we describe a Shape Expression definition language which enables RDF validation through the declaration of constraints on the RDF model. Shape Expressions can be used to validate RDF data, communicate expected graph patterns for interfaces and(More)
We propose shape expression schema (ShEx), a novel schema formalism for describing the topology of an RDF graph that uses regular bag expressions (RBEs) to define constraints on the admissible neighborhood for the nodes of a given type. We provide two alternative semantics, multi-and single-type, depending on whether or not a node may have more than one(More)
Program slicing is an important decomposition technique. It has been widely used in many software activities, such as software analyzing, understanding, debugging, testing, and maintenance. The current slicing methods and tools, however, are monolithic, and mainly based on program or system dependence graph. This paper presents a novel formal tool for(More)
Automated medical diagnosis systems based on knowledge-oriented descriptions have gained momentum with the emergence of semantic descriptions. The objective of this paper is to propose a normalized design that solves some of the problems which have been detected by authors in previous tools. The authors bring together two different technologies to develop a(More)