José Elias Tomazini

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Paulo José Oliveira Cortez, José Elias Tomazini, Vitor E. Valenti, José Rubens Correa, Erica E. Valenti, Luiz Carlos de Abreu I Departamento de Mecânica, Universidade Estadual Paulista, Guaratinguetá, SP, Brasil. II Departamento de Morfologia e Fisiologia, Faculdade de Medicina do ABC, Santo André, SP, Brasil. III Departamento de Medicina, Disciplina de(More)
PURPOSE to apply geoprocessing techniques for the spatial birth profile analysis of each municipality. METHODS ecological and exploratory study, using data from the Health Information System about born alive babies in 2004, and using geoprocessing techniques. The spatial autocorrelations of the variables: cesarean section, mother's schooling, low birth(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the strength generated by the rotator muscles of the shoulder joint between the right upper limb and left upper limb among healthy individuals. METHODS To evaluate the muscle strength of upper limbs from isometric contractions in the horizontal direction (rotation) an isometric dynamometer was used, equipped with transducers, signal(More)
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