José Elías García-Ortiz

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Partial loss of function of the transcription factor FOXL2 leads to premature ovarian failure in women. In animal models, Foxl2 is required for maintenance, and possibly induction, of female sex determination independently of other critical genes, e.g., Rspo1. Here we report expression profiling of mouse ovaries that lack Foxl2 alone or in combination with(More)
Snyder-Robinson syndrome (SRS, OMIM 309583) is a rare X-linked syndrome characterized by mental retardation, marfanoid habitus, skeletal defects, osteoporosis, and facial asymmetry. Linkage analysis localized the related gene to Xp21.3-p22.12, and a G-to-A transition at point +5 of intron 4 of the spermine synthase gene, which caused truncation of the SMS(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Microphthalmia-anophthalmia-coloboma (MAC) are congenital eye malformations causing a significant percentage of visually impairments in children. Although these anomalies can arise from prenatal exposure to teratogens, mutations in well-defined genes originate potentially heritable forms of MAC. Mutations in genes such as CHX10, GDF6, RAX,(More)
We describe for the first time the high-resolution profiling of HLA-A, -B, -C, -DRB1, -DQB1 and -DPB1 in a culturally and geographically distinct Mexican ethnic group, the Tarahumaras. The alleles most frequently found by reference strand-mediated conformational analysis in this population were for class I: HLA-A*240201, *020101/09, *0206, *310102, *680102;(More)
Myhre syndrome is a rare disorder characterized by low birthweight, short stature, mental retardation, facial dysmorphism (blepharophimosis, midfacial hypoplasia, prognathism), heart anomalies, muscle hypertrophy, decreased joint mobility and deafness. To date 11 male cases and only one female case have been reported. This paper describes the second female(More)
A patient aged 10 years and 8 months with a ring-20-syndrome was studied. Clinically he presented normal psychomotor development until 25 months of age when he began with right simple partial motor seizures. He presented minimal dysmorphism, generalized tonic-clonic seizures refractory to medical therapy and behavioral troubles. He was submitted to a(More)
The narrow standard age range of menopause, ∼50 yr, belies the complex balance of forces that govern the underlying formation and progressive loss of ovarian follicles (the "ovarian reserve" whose size determines the age of menopause). We show here the first quantitative graph of follicle numbers, distinguished from oocyte counts, across the reproductive(More)
To the Editor : X-linked infantile spasm syndrome (ISSX; OMIM 308350) occurs in 2–5 of 10,000 newborns and is characterized by early onset seizures, hypsarrhythmia, and severe mental retardation. Three girls with ISSX and an X;autosome translocation that disrupted the CDKL5 gene have been reported (1–3), whereas ∼50 different CDKL5 mutations have been found(More)
A novel human leucocyte antigen-A*02 (HLA-A*02) allele was detected by reference strand-mediated conformation analysis (RSCA) of a DNA sample from a Tarahumara individual. Direct sequencing of HLA-A locus polymerase chain reaction products identified a mutation in one of the alleles. Cloning and sequencing confirmed the presence of a new allele, A*0257(More)