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Species, subspecies, or color morphs? Reconsidering the taxonomy of Callicebus Thomas, 1903 in the Purus–Madeira interfluvium
There have been recent disagreements as to how many taxa of titi monkeys, genus Callicebus, occur in the region between the Purus and Madeira rivers in western Brazilian Amazonia. Three parapatricExpand
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Reconsidering the taxonomy of the Pithecia irrorata species group (Primates: Pitheciidae)
The number of Pithecia species has considerably increased in recent years. In the first comprehensive taxonomic revision for the genus, five species were recognized, among these, Pithecia irrorata,Expand
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Taxonomy of the pygmy marmoset (Cebuella Gray, 1866): Geographic variation, species delimitation, and nomenclatural notes
We examined a recent taxonomic appraisal of Cebuella by Boubli et al. With an increased sample spanning most of the geographic range of the genus, we investigated ventral pelage variation in CebuellaExpand
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Population density and primate conservation in the Noroeste Biosphere Reserve, Tumbes, Peru
La Reserva de Biosfera del Noroeste (RBN) alberga por lo menos 22 especies de mamiferos medianos y grandes entre las cuales se encuentran los primates Alouatta palliata aequatorialis y CebusExpand
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Rediscovery of Vanzolini’s Bald-Faced Saki, Pithecia vanzolinii Hershkovitz, 1987 (Primates, Pitheciidae): first record since 1956
We report the rediscovery of Pithecia vanzolinii in the upper Jurua River Basin, in the State of Acre, Brazil. An individual was collected after being hunted by a local inhabitant of an extractiveExpand
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Guía de identificación de fauna silvestre, para las autoridades ambientales de Amazonas , San Martín, Loreto y Ucayali . Revisión y comentarios sobre su importancia
The Guia de identificacion de fauna silvestre para las autoridades ambientales de Amazonas, San Martin, Loreto y Ucayali (ISBN: 978-612-4261-24-4) was published in order to provide a tool forExpand
Notes on Lagothrix flavicauda (Primates: Atelidae): oldest known specimen and the importance of the revisions of museum specimens
The yellow-tailed woolly monkey, Lagothrix flavicauda (Humboldt, 1812), is a large atelid endemic to the cloud forests of Peru. The identity of this species was uncertain for at least 150 years,Expand
What is in a genus name? Conceptual and empirical issues preclude the proposed recognition of Callibella (Callitrichinae) as a genus
In a recent article, Silva et al. (Zool Scr 47:133–143, 2018) proposed the relocation of the dwarf marmoset, Mico humilis, to the so far unrecognized genus Callibella. We contend that a taxonomicExpand