José Eduardo Ribeiro Cury

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This paper presents an approach for functionally dealing with multiple tasks in the supervisory control of discrete-event systems (DES). The colored marking generator (CMG), a special type of Moore automaton, is introduced as a model that distinguishes classes of tasks in DES. The main results of supervisory control theory are extended to this model,(More)
This paper proposes a procedure to compute abstractions of Discrete Event System (DES) models with the observer property (OP). The procedure, named OP-Search, is based on the OP-Verifier algorithm which verifies if a given natural projection has the observer property. In case OP fails for a projection in Σ r of an automaton M , OP-Search modifies M by(More)
The observer property is an important condition to be satisfied by abstractions of Discrete Event Systems (DES) models. This paper presents a generalised version of a previous algorithm which tests if an abstraction of a DES obtained through natural projection has the observer property. The procedure called OP-verifier II overcomes the limitations of the(More)