José Ederaldo Queiroz Telles

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The authors present the autopsy findings of two related patients and the biopsy findings of a third member of the family. The oldest member was 34 years old at death and on postmortem examination he had haemangioblastomas in the retina, cerebellum, medulla and spinal cord. Other findings were renal cell carcinoma, phaechromocytoma, cysts of kidney and(More)
Introduction Otosclerosis is a disease that causes bone resorption and deposition in the auditory structures, leading to deafness. Many studies have evaluated the histopathology of the stapes footplate in this disease (osteoblasts, osteoclasts, vascular proliferation, fibroblasts, and histiocytes), but we found no studies in the literature involving the(More)
Background Hepatic steatosis refers to the accumulation of triglycer-ides in hepatocytes, and it can be attributed to excessive ethanol consumption. The liver is the main organ of etha-nol biotransformation and therefore, it can suffer with oxi-dative stress generated by ethanol. Since the FXR agonist 6ECDCA regulates adipose cell function, the aim of this(More)
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