José E. Ruzzante

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Coating–substrate adherence in galvanized steel is evaluated by acoustic emission wavelet analysis in scratch tests on hot-dip galvanized samples. The acoustic emission results are compared with optical and electron microscopy observations in order to understand coating features related to adherence and to establish criteria aimed at improving the(More)
Wavelet Transform was applied to Acoustic Emission (AE) signals from Scratch Tests (ST) on stainless steel samples with Cr and Ti nitride surface coatings obtained by PVD. The implementetion of the signal processing method was aimed at characterizing the coating failure stages and evaluating the quality of and the differences between both type of coatings.(More)
In this paper we evaluate coating-substrate adherence in galvanized steel with the Acoustic Emission (AE) technique applied during scratch tests (ST), analyzing in this way the elastic waves emitted during microfracture processes. Hot-dip galvanized samples were obtained, with different coating depths. Samples were obtained in Spain (Laboratory of Corrosion(More)
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