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Hair cells in mouse cochlear cultures are selectively labeled by brief exposure to FM1-43, a styryl dye used to study endocytosis and exocytosis. Real-time confocal microscopy indicates that dye entry is rapid and via the apical surface. Cooling to 4 degrees C and high extracellular calcium both reduce dye loading. Pretreatment with EGTA, a condition that(More)
1. The effect of salicylate on membrane capacitance and intracellular pH has been measured in isolated outer hair cells (OHCs) during whole cell recording. Cell membrane capacitance was measured using a lock-in amplifier technique. 2. Salicylate applied in the bath reduced the fast charge movement, equivalent to a voltage-dependent membrane capacitance,(More)
The properties of the basolateral membrane of cochlear outer hair cells were studied under whole-cell patch clamp to measure currents and capacitance changes associated with mechanical deformation. Stretching the membrane of outer hair cells along the cell axis generated a transient inward current, and subsequent relaxation of the membrane produced a(More)
We have used patch-clamp techniques to record the charge movement associated with motility in patches of basolateral membrane from isolated outer hair cells. Charge movement has been measured from the voltage-dependent capacitance. Using 3 to 4 Momega pipettes with tip diameters of 3 micron the measured maximum voltage-dependent capacitance was 56 +/- 6 fF(More)
Let A be a densely defined, possibly unbounded closed operator on a Banach space X. Under the assumption that A has its Riesz means uniformly bounded on X, we give here a general theorem on equivalence of norms in Besov spaces associated with X and A. This theorem applies in particular to stratified Lie groups. Also, we give a description of the Besov space(More)
Banach algebras defined by fractional Mikhlin-type conditions are continuously contained in Besov spaces, in such a way that the difference between the corresponding degrees of derivation can be made arbitrarily small. In this note a proof of this inclusion is given which is based on the Hadamard fractional operator and its adjoint integration operator on(More)
Access to a granitic rock mass in an iron ore mine in Sweden provided a unique opportunity for underground experiments related to the geologic disposal of radioactive waste. These field tests demonstrated the importance of hydrogeology and the difficulties in predicting the thermomechanical behavior of fractured granitic rocks. To characterize a site fully,(More)