José D. García

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Business corporations use frameworks and heterogeneous tools in the running of their systems. Most of these systems require the interaction between heterogeneous architectures, technologies and platforms. This integration is usually a complex task, which Model-Driven Architecture (MDA) approach to Model-Driven Software Development (MDSD) has promised to(More)
Parallelism has become one of the most extended paradigms used to improve performance. However, it forces software developers to adapt applications and coding mechanisms to exploit the available computing devices. Legacy source code needs to be re-written to take advantage of multi- core and many-core computing devices. Writing parallel applications in a(More)
This work describes our experience in a MDA based project for the integration of developments in heterogeneous systems carried out in IZFE (The Statutory Society for Information Technology, pertaining to the Statutory Department of Gipuzkoa-Spain). Starting from J2EE source code examples, we achieved an UML metamodel and a cartridge for a proprietary tool(More)
Clusters are not only the most widely used general high-performance computing platform for scientific computing but also according to recent results on the site, they have become the most dominant platform for high-performance computing today. While the cluster architecture is attractive with respect to price/performance there still exists a(More)
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