José Cruz

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Interoperability is a major requirement for industries and governments in a society that increasingly moves towards global collaboration and integration. Open standards built on the principles of openness, transparency and consensus lay the grounds for innovation, growth and fair competition. Open standards are not synonymous of open source. The former is a(More)
  • Katie Myers, Kevin Dionne, Boeing Military Aircraft, Missile Systems, St Louis, Jose Cruz +10 others
  • 2002
This paper presents the result of work that explored the use of model checking, investigated modeling tools, and developed a process for model checking software systems. A prototype tool for visual modeling was developed and helped the research team understand the role of tools, such as SMV, and clarified the steps involved in the model checking process.(More)
Group living animals may eavesdrop on signalling interactions between conspecifics in order to collect adaptively relevant information obtained from others, without incurring in the costs of first-hand information acquisition. This ability (aka social eavesdropping) is expected to impact Darwinian fitness, and hence predicts the evolution of cognitive(More)
i ii A mi familia. A Laura. iii iv ABSTRACT Traditional vector architectures have been shown to be very effective in executing regular codes in which the compiler can detect data-level parallelism, i.e. repeating the same computation over different elements in the same code-level data structure. A skilled programmer can easily create efficient vector code(More)
OBJECTIVE Few continuing education programs to train behavioral health professionals to deliver tobacco treatment services have been described and evaluated. METHODS The effectiveness of two-day training on changing practice was examined by review of clinical charts from 20 clinicians who attended in 2012. Ten medical records were randomly selected for(More)
1 8-Jan-04 Wavelets in signal processing: An advanced graduate-level course at UIUC. The science of information technology for business. University of Danang. 8 6-Aug-04 A theoretical foundation for the digital age. Issues of water environment and impact to social and economic life in industrialization. The future of industrial engineering and the need to(More)
Our research emerged from the need to know how to recover and to visualize graphical/textual information of images that are stored in multiple data sources. We are focused on a system for recovering, merging, and displaying data, metadata, and images from heterogeneous distributed data sources for purposes of providing end-users with an unique entry point(More)
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