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SHAM-sensitive (STO) alternative respiration is present in the xylose-metabolizing, Crabtree-negative yeast, Pichia stipitis, but its pathway components and physiological roles during xylose metabolism are poorly understood. We cloned PsSTO1, which encodes the SHAM-sensitive terminal oxidase (PsSto1p), by genome walking from wild-type CBS 6054 and(More)
Xylitol production by Pichia stipitis FPL-YS30, a xyl3-Δ1 mutant that metabolizes xylose using an alternative metabolic pathway, was investigated under aerobic and oxygen-limited culture conditions. Under both culture conditions, FPL-YS30 (xyl3-Δ1) produced a negligible amount of ethanol and converted xylose mainly into xylitol with comparable yields (0.30(More)
OBJECTIVE Few continuing education programs to train behavioral health professionals to deliver tobacco treatment services have been described and evaluated. METHODS The effectiveness of two-day training on changing practice was examined by review of clinical charts from 20 clinicians who attended in 2012. Ten medical records were randomly selected for(More)
In this contribution, a hardware platform for cooperative sensing networks is presented with the use of Roy´s Largest Root Test, also known as a blindly combined energy detection scheme, such that the system is configured with three ETTUS USRPs N210 and one computer for processing. The hardware experiments were validated with simulations, and the results(More)
Group living animals may eavesdrop on signalling interactions between conspecifics in order to collect adaptively relevant information obtained from others, without incurring in the costs of first-hand information acquisition. This ability (aka social eavesdropping) is expected to impact Darwinian fitness, and hence predicts the evolution of cognitive(More)
Recent studies suggest amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) prevalence, incidence, and age of onset are heterogeneous across populations. These include studies from South America (SA) where lower prevalence, earlier onset, and reduced survival time of ALS are reported. However, the scarcity of epidemiological and clinical data confounds effective comparison.(More)
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