José Costa Trindade

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Atopy, immunodeficiency and autoimmunity are manifestations of immune system dysfunction. Classically atopy and autoimmunity are referred as distinct immunological reactions. Recent studies suggest the existence of common pathogenic mechanisms. We report the case of a teenager with familial history of asthma and miasthenia gravis in her mother (HLA- B8+)(More)
This review summarises the fundamental immunologic principles regarding the cellular and molecular relations involved with immune function in a normal gestation. During the past decades, more information has been gathered to explain these complex immunological mechanisms. These mechanisms include both fetal factors such as trophoblast cell properties and(More)
The following measurements were made using radial immunodiffusion with commercial M-Partigen plaques (Behringwerke, Marburg): Global-IgE in the serum of 29 children (17 atopic asthmas, 3 non atopic asthmas and 9 acute urticarias); C3 and C4 complement fractions in 56 patients (27 atopic asthmas, 11 non atopic asthmas and 18 acute urticarias); C3PA(More)
Cough is perhaps the most frequently seen symptom in children and as such one of the most common reasons for physician appointments. The mechanics and causes of cough in children are different to those in adults and imply a different diagnostic and therapeutic management. This article reviews the physiopathology of cough in children, the most frequent(More)
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