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The Expansion of the Finance Industry and Its Impact on the Economy: A Territorial Approach Based on Swiss Pension Funds
Abstract A new economic geography of finance is emerging, and the current “financialization” of contemporary economies has contributed greatly to the reshaping of the economic landscape. How canExpand
Economic theories and spatial transformations clarifying the space-time premises and outcomes of economic theories
This article examines the approaches adopted by various schools of economic thought towards dealing with space and time. Each school has its own approach, though their treatment of time and space hasExpand
Property Sector Financialization: The Case of Swiss Pension Funds (1992–2005)
Financialization is a major trend in Western economies. This paper shows, on the one hand, how it changes the management criteria and, on the other hand, the limits to financialization in theExpand
Lost in space
The increasing power of the financial industry in today’s economies has spatial fundamentals and important spatial consequences. This article examines the relevance of the social studies of financeExpand
Hepatic steatosis in the absence of tumor necrosis factor in mice.
Tumor necrosis factor (TNF) has pleiotropic effects including on hepatic metabolism. Here we investigated the effect of high cholesterol diet (1.25%) in TNF deficient mice. TNFalpha/beta deficientExpand
The impact of exchange rate on regional development: The example of western Switzerland
A currency space would be constitute in a ideal way if the integrated economic regions would react similarly on external shocks. In fact, Switzerland, as an economic space, is far from beingExpand
The Financialization of the Property Sector: the Case of the Swiss Pension Trusts (1994-2005)
About 15% of the fortune of the Swiss pension funds has been invested in real estate from 1994 to 2002. Pension trusts have two possibilities in their investment policy, either owning and beingExpand
Increased Capital Mobility/Liquidity and its Repercussions at Regional Level
The most significant structural change undergone by the British and Swiss economies during the past 25 years (1975-2000) is indisputably the development of their financial systems. From this point ofExpand