José Cláudio da Silva

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OBJECTIVES We studied the effects of Hip-deep brain stimulation (DBS) on the expression of the inducible transcription factor c-FOS in the brain of normal rats. MATERIALS AND METHODS Ten Wistar rats were anesthetized, and nine were implanted with epidural and hippocampal electrodes for brain activity recording; one animal was used as sham. Bipolar(More)
OBJECTIVE We describe the electrocorticographic findings after hippocampal stimulation in normal awake rats. METHODS Six male Wistar rats were implanted bilaterally with neocortical and hippocampal electrodes. The animals were submitted to hippocampal low- and high-frequency stimulation. RESULTS Recruiting responses were seen in the ipsilateral(More)
OBJECTIVES To better understand the sleep-wake cycle characteristics in the female Neotropical rodent Proechimys guyannensis related to comparative neurobiology. METHODS Surface neocortical and hippocampal electrodes were chronically implanted in the brains of female Wistar and Proechimys animals. In addition, electrodes for the study of muscle activity(More)
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