José Cipolla Neto

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Leptin and melatonin play an important role in the regulation of body mass and energy balance. Both hormones show a circadian rhythm, with increasing values at night. In addition, melatonin receptors were recently described in adipocytes, where leptin is synthesized. Here, we investigated the influence of melatonin and its interaction with insulin and(More)
Melatonin times reproduction with seasons in many photoperiodic mammalian species. Whether sexual hormones reflect on melatonin synthesis is still debated. The aim of this work was to study, using a large panel of technical approaches, whether the daily profile of pineal melatonin synthesis and release varies with the estrous cycle in the female rat. The(More)
The primary hormone of the vertebrate pineal gland, melatonin, has been identified broadly throughout the tree of life, in animals, plants, and fungi, supporting a deep evolutionary origin for this signaling molecule. However, some key groups have not been studied. Echinoderms, deuterostome animals, are one of these groups. Herein we study the presence of(More)
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