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A new myxosporean species is described from the fish Semaprochilodus insignis captured from the Amazon River, near Manaus. Myxobolus insignis sp. n. was located in the gills of the host forming(More)
Dipteropeltis is a monotypic genus of the Branchiura and endemic to South America. Twelve specimens of Dipteropeltis sp. and micrographs of a thirteenth specimen were obtained from four institutions.(More)
Larvae of Hysterothylacium use various invertebrates as intermediate hosts. Definite hosts include fish, birds, reptiles or marine mammals. This study describes the occurrence of Hysterothylacium(More)
In this study, a new host record for Dadaytrema oxycephala (Digenea: Cladorchiidae) is described from an important Amazonian ornamental fish. The parasite was identified based in the general(More)
This study presents the helminthofauna of digenean parasites of Acestrorhynchus falcirostris in the state of Amazonas (Brazil). Eight species belonging to four families were recovered: Metacercariae(More)
In this study, 446 fishes were analyzed: 190 Pygocentrus nattereri, 193 Serrasalmus maculatus, and 63 S. marginatus.They were captured in two bays, upper and lower Caiçara, in the upper Paraguay(More)
Achatina fulica or “giant African snail” is an exotic species, considered to be one of the world’s hundred most invasive species, causing serious environmental damages. In the present study we(More)