José Carlos Maldonado

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Mutation testing has been shown to be one of the strongest testing criteria for the evaluation of both programs and test suites. Comprehensive sets of mutants require strong test sets to achieve acceptable testing coverage. Moreover, mutation operators are valuable for the evaluation of other testing approaches. Although its importance has been highlighted(More)
This technical report presents the main features of Proteum (Program Testing Using Mutants), a testing tool that supports Mutation Analysis criterion. Proteum can be configured for testing programs in many procedural programming languages. This guide reports the version 1.1-C that works with the C language on SUN workstations, under OPENWINDOWS environment.(More)
Recently the awareness of the importance of replicating studies has been growing in the empirical software engineering community. The results of any one study cannot simply be extrapolated to all environments because there are many uncontrollable sources of variation between different environments. In our work, we have reasoned that the availability of(More)
The application of the Mutation Analysis criterion in the context of specifiation based on Finite State Machine is proposed. The main concepts of Finite State Machine and of Mutation Analysis are briefly introduced. An experiment is reported which manually applied Mutation Analysis to a finite state machine modeling a Class 0 I S 0 Transport Protocol(More)
Although software testing is a crucial activity in the software development process, only recently have more sound and consistent testing tools become available for testing Java programs and their components. These tools support mostly functional and control-flow based structural criteria. In this paper we explore control-flow and data-flow based coverage(More)